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Import transaction data
Compound Finance Support
Easy File Instructions

Removing the complexity from crypto tax preparation

Portfolio Tracking

Never lose track of your holdings. Keep tabs on the cost basis of your cryptocurrency and crypto assets.

Data Import

Automated data import from exchanges like Coinbase and decentralized finance apps like Compound Finance.

Filing Instructions

Know exactly how to file your tax report with easy to use instructions, or get help from our staff.

Seamless data import from exchanges and blockchains

A focus on the Compound Finance protocol

Compound Finance and other DeFi apps create a lot of questions about taxes for users. We reduce tax complexity so you can focus on managing your money.

Compound Transaction Types

Support for Compound activity like Mint, Redeem, Borrow and Liquidiation.


Integration with the rest of your tax report, right alongside capital gains and income.

Wallet Agnostic

Any wallet that interacts with Compound is supported: MetaMask, InstaDapp, Dharma.

World-Class Support

Have questions about a specific transaction? Need clarification about how your report should be filed? We are here to guide you through every step of the process to file an accurate return with all supporting attachments.

Tax Pro Review

Sometimes you want a tax professional to consult with to get answers to complicated questions that are specific to your scenario. We can connect you with experienced professionals to maximize the amount of money saved on your tax return.